Welcome to Đà Nẵng Diaries! So what is the page all about? As the editor of this page, I shall tell you the story behind it all.

After spending around 10 years total in China, I saw the writing was on the wall and decided that as better opportunities for business now lied elsewhere; it was the right time to relocate to a nearby part of the world that is expected to be where massive future growth potential exists: Việt Nam.

However, the huge and bustling metropolises of Hà Nội and Sài Gòn did not appeal to me as they offered something very similar to many of the larger Chinese cities that I had previously lived in. High rental prices, traffic jams, pollution and highly saturated markets for many a product and service. On the other hand, as I possessed a lack of knowledge of the Vietnamese language, smaller and more rural locations were simply not an option for me; not to mention that the idea of living like a hippie in the more remote areas of the countryside did not appeal whatsoever. Eventually I do intend to establish a business in this country and would not wish to treat life like an everlasting exotic vacation.

Đà Năng offered a good middle ground with its beautiful beaches, a relatively small population and a compact city centre that is not so polluted compared to areas which I had previously lived in. With annual economic growth rates of 11-12% not being unheard of, it appears to represent a land of opportunity while also simultaneously performing the role of being one of the nation’s finest tourist destinations; the city is effectively divided by the Han river and its 6 bridges which lead into the South China Sea.

Prior to leaving China, I started writing articles for an official WeChat page, an activity which mainly served as a way to indulge in a hobby of mine. Unexpectedly, this turned into a side gig of sorts where I gained a few skills not only when it comes to writing, but social media marketing etc; the page then grew fairly rapidly. Some of my work has also been published on other pages and I’m still writing about China related topics today.

When I finally left the Middle Kingdom, I was happy to leave the frustrations of my previous day job behind and focus upon researching new business opportunities and learning the Vietnamese language, but I still wanted to be able to write articles about life in the country that I reside in as a foreigner. This blog allows me to do just that.

Đà Năng Diaries may not be quite as professional, well-written or as helpful as many of the other travel blogs that exist out there; but it will have written in my own personal style, with occasional doses of sarcasm or edgy remarks. It will not sound excessively positive like one of those travel blogs that tries to sell something to the reader or present an image of one enjoying an exotic, fantasy lifestyle. It might not be for everyone, but it will hopefully have something that a wide range of readers can relate to; regardless of whether they be backpackers, expats, nomads or travellers.