A hiatus will now officially begin.

It has been a real pleasure to update this blog from time to time, but now is the right moment to put this one to rest for a while. I shall be spending some time away from Da Nang for a while and it would therefore be inappropriate to continue updating the blog until I return; unless a relevant topic of importance arises.

I have greatly enjoyed the 9 months or so that I spent in the wonderful city of Da Nang and despite the negativity that one may encounter if they were to spend excessively large amounts of time in the virtual confines of the local expat Facebook groups; I can honestly tell you that it might just be the best city that I have ever lived in.

One could easily find themselves feeling disappointed when they find out that Da Nang is perhaps not quite the beach paradise that some would expect it to be, yet having spent my time primarily on the supposedly less desirable side of the river, I can sincerely tell you that it is a great city and that the areas described as ‘Crackertown’ are not representative of Da Nang as a whole but merely enclaves that are unofficially ruled by the most pathethic, foreign wannabe hippy scum that one could ever meet that will in the future, hopefully just become mere relics as the tourism sector goes increasingly upmarket. Hopefully they’ll publicly execute few of the more blasé foreign drug users as part of that ongoing process, along with those that insist upon constantly crying about Western racism while living in one of the most ethnonationalist areas of the world.

Da Nang is perhaps not so diverse, but it is a city that almost anybody from anywhere could find a way to comfortably live in. It is not a quaint little village yet the city is actually small enough to walk around on foot. One could happily retire here, yet could also work here and climb up the career ladder. It’s a city of great contrasts and while not everything about it may be perfect; it has a unique character of its own.

Will I return? I’d be mightily disappointed if I couldn’t. When will I return? I don’t yet know. Will it be for vacation or for a lengthier stay next time? Let’s see what happens.

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